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Cars 2 – Video Game Review

Cars 2 is the game of the eponymous film and the sequel to the original film created in 2006. It is a racing game developed by Avalanche Software prestigious production.


Cars 2 lets players enter the world of international espionage. The game features a variety of car-characters competing in action-packed adventures with much competition. Fortunately, not all the games based on movies are mediocre as there are exceptions and Cars 2 is one of them.

The player must release his character to make it a first-rate spy. As part of training, players participate in missions with high tech equipment, for example, to avoid enemies to exceed the corridor.

The game has three kinds of trophies as Bronze, Silver and Gold and each with a differential value depending on the type of vehicle used. In turn, the game characters are divided into three classes as Heavy, Medium and Light.


Player are able to unlock new cars, tracks and missions and all this happens through the collection of the corresponding emblems. The game has a connection with The World of Cars Online which is a browser game based on the universe of the film.

In The World of Cars Online, players can discover a parallel world outside of Radiator Springs with the teacher, Sergeant Fillmore and other characters. The compensation obtained during this game is related to the opening of new facilities.


Based on the Pixar computer-animated movie Cars 2, the game follows the exploits of the characters Lightning McQueen and Mater as they train at a secret facility known as Chrome, acronym for Command Headquarters for Reconnaissance Operations and Motorized Espionage.


The British intelligence agents Finn McMissile and Holley Shiftwell join in the attempt to become the car-equivalent spies. For racing, the player has more than twenty vehicles and since then each corresponds to the famous characters in the film.

Ray and Mate will head inside the attractions and they are adding new Finn McMissile and his assistant, the gums sympathetic Luigi and Guido and others. This weaponry in the game is the one we see in the film, machine guns, oil stains, missile launchers and more.

Game Modes

The multiplayer supports up to four simultaneous players. Cars 2 entertains and amuses, even in solo mode. There is the possibility of playing in pairs in screen sharing since most of the challenges result with this option.


The co-op makes its presence better and you can play more relaxed and it would still be entertaining. There are challenges to face either of attacks on other players (AI or real players if played in online connection) or a robin in closed circuits. There are several methods that have been included.

I plan to share many more video game reviews in future, so keep n checking back for more.

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